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Call for Papers : Israel Law Review

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     We wish to inform you of important changes in the Israel 
     Law Review and to invite you to submit a written 
     contribution to the journal, which is now published by the 
     Minerva Center for Human Rights at the Hebrew University of 
     ABOUT IS.L.R:
     The Israel Law Review is the oldest and most prestigious 
     law journal appearing in English in Israel, published for 
     more than 40 years under the academic auspices of the 
     Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The 
     Faculty of Law recently decided to shift the focus of the 
     journal to public law and human rights in times of tension, 
     conflict and transformation, and to place it under the 
     academic and organizational leadership of the Minerva 
     Center for Human Rights. This new focus acknowledges a 
     growing interest in the ability of public law and human 
     rights norms and institutions to meet the challenges faced 
     by societies under pressure, and is indicative of the 
     increased relevance of comparative and international 
     scholarship to existing debates in and on such societies. 
     The Israel Law Review will continue to publish three issues 
     per year. These issues will continue to be distributed in 
     paper and electronic form (in Lexis and HeinOnline). The 
     issues will contain, as before, long articles, shorter 
     notes and book reviews submitted to the journal by a 
     variety of authors from around the world. All submissions 
     are subject to a "double-blind review" process by two or 
     more referees, and undergo technical and style editing by 
     the student editors - supervised and assisted by the 
     journal's Academic Editor (Dr. Yael Ronen), Executive 
     Editor (Adv. Danny Evron) and Production Editor (Adv. 
     Michele Manspeizer). The general policy of the Law Review, 
     as well as overall responsibility for its contents and 
     format, will lie with the two Editors-in-Chief: Prof. Yuval 
     Shany (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and Prof. Sir Nigel 
     Rodley (University of Essex). 
     In its new format, the Israel Law Review will be assisted 
     by an International Advisory Board composed of prominent 
     public law and human rights experts: 
     - Prof. Aharon Barak (former President of the Israeli 
       Supreme Court)
     - Prof. Daphne Barak-Erez (Tel-Aviv University)
     - Prof. Antonio Cassese (Florence University)
     - Prof. Malcolm Feeley (University of California, 
     - Prof. Jochen Frowein (Max Planck Institute for 
       Comparative Public Law and International Law, 
     - Prof. Francoise Hampson (University of Essex)
     - Prof. Vicki Jackson (Georgetown University)
     - Prof. Michael Karayanni (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
     - Prof. Eckart Klein (Potsdam University)
     - Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer (Hebrew University of 
     - Prof. David Kretzmer (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
     - Prof. Fionnuala Ni-Aolain (University of Minnesota
       University of Ulster)
     - Prof. Frances Raday (College of Management Academic 
       Studies, Rishon Le Zion)
     - Prof. William Schabas (National University of Ireland)
     - Prof. Malcolm Shaw (Leicester University)
     - Prof. Henry Steiner (Harvard University)
     We strongly encourage those of you interested in public law 
     and human rights issues relating to societies facing 
     tension, conflict and transition - to consider submitting 
     future work for publication in the Israel Law Review. We 
     are committed to a prompt and professional review and 
     printing process, and believe that we can offer you an 
     attractive and prestigious publication platform.  
     More information on the submission and publication process 
     can be found on the Israel Law Review website:

     The staff will gladly answer any question you may have 
     concerning the journal and publishing in it (please refer 
     any such queries to: 
     CONTACT:       Prof. Yuval Shany
     CONTACT:       Prof. Sir Nigel Rodley
                    Chief Co-Editors
     AIDC WebSite Comparative Law News


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