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The 2016 Conference will be held  in Torino (Italy) on December 16-17, 2016, at Campus Luigi Einaudi of University of Turin, hosted by the IEL International program in Institutions, Economics and Law.


The program for this conference is available via the following link.
Friday - 16 December 2016

8,00 - 9,00 Registration
9,00 - 10,20 - Parallel Session  I 
10,20 - 10,40 - Coffee Break
10,40 - 13,40 - “Empirical Legal Studies around the World”
Keynote Workshop
13,40 - 14,40 - Light Lunch
14,40 – 16,00 - Parallel Session II 
16,00 - 16,20 Coffee Break
16,20 - 17,40 - Parallel Session III
17,40 – 18,00 Brenno Galli Award
18,00 - 19,20 – Parallel Session IV

21,00 Social Dinner

Saturday 17 December 2016

9,30-10,50 - Parallel Session V 
10,50 – 11,10 – Coffee Break
11,10-12,30 – Parallel Session VI
12,30 –SIDE General Assembly and Light Lunch

giovedì 24 novembre 2016

Presentazione: "Questa notte il sole è sorto ad Occidente" — Oberdan Tommaso Scozzafava


German Law Journal - November Issue

Issue No. 6 - Volume 17 (2016)

"Constitutional Dimensions of the Refugee Crisis" 

The German Law Journal is pleased to announce the publication of the November issue “Constitutional Dimensions of the Refugee Crisis."

These are tumultuous times. That only makes reasoned and reasonable debate more necessary than ever. This is especially true of the question of migration, which seems to be the flashpoint of our new malaise. President-elect Trump has his “big, beautiful wall.” Presidential candidate Le Pen has the provocation that “they are trying to replace us.” Party Chairwoman Petry has her “colorful compost heap.” Questions about migration and integration will drive the political discourse long after all the votes are counted and the public offices have been distributed.

In this climate the German Law Journal is proud to offer this special issue. The collection—assembled by GLJ board members Jürgen Bast and Matthias Goldmann—tackles the topic head-on and from a rich variety of perspectives, including the diverse systems under consideration and the varying ideological approaches the contributors take to this contentious issue.

This special issue also concludes the Journal’s German Law in Context Program, which has examined Europe’s refugee crisis in a series lectures, discussions, and film-screenings across the last months. As part of that program, and to expand the discussion connected with this excellent collection of articles, several of the contributors will participate in a panel discussion at 12.00 (EST) on Monday, 28 November 2016. Please join the conversation:

Special issues, like those we have published in 2016 (Corrupt Practices; Brexit Supplement; Democracy and the Financial Order), are a central part of the Journal’s coverage of “developments in German, European, and International jurisprudence.” Looking ahead to Volume 18, we are thrilled to have a number of excellent special issues planned, including “Persons/Things” (from guest editor Toni Selkälä) and “Immigration, Citizenship, and Constitutional Identity” (from guest editors Jürgen Bast and Liav Orgad). And we announce today a call for proposals for special issues that will appear in Volume 19 (2018).

As we head into the distracting and sometimes overly-demanding winter season, we wish our faithful contributors and readers peace, and the comfort that comes from the confidence that our communities are animated by a commitment to justice, tolerance, and empathy. And, as always, we wish you “happy reading.”

martedì 15 novembre 2016

[News!] Aggiornamenti, Iniziative, Covegni


In occasione del XXIV Colloquio Biennale dell'Associazione Italiana di Diritto Comparato, che si svolgerà nei giorni 15-17 giugno 2017 presso l'Università di Napoli Suor Orsola Benincasa, è aperta una call for papers sul tema Jus Dicere in a Globalized World
Gli abstract delle proposte di paper devono essere inviati entro la data del 20 dicembre 2016 all'indirizzo di posta elettronica
Per ulteriori informazioni sui temi della call for papers e sulle modalità di partecipazione è possibile consultare il sito http://www.

Giovedì 17 e venerdì 18 novembre si svolge presso Palazzo dei Normanni, a cura dell'Università di Palermo, il convegno dal titolo Costituzionalismo e futuro. Per ulteriori informazioni sull'iniziativa è possibile consultare la locandina al sito

Lunedì 21 novembre ore 15:00 presso il Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza della Lumsa di Roma si svolge la presentazione del volume Common law. Protagonisti e idee nella storia di un sistema giuridico. Studi in memoria di Francesco de Franchis. Il programma dell'iniziativa è pubblicato in

Martedì 22 novembre ore 17:30 presso il Senato della Repubblica in Roma si svolge, a cura dell'associazione Società Libera, il convegno dal titolo Quale Costituzione per una società libera?. Il programma dell'iniziativa è allegato a questa newsletter. 


E' aperta una call for papers, a cura dello Younger Comparativists Committee of the American Society of Comparative Law in occasione della VI YCC Global Conference, che si tiene i prossimi 27 e 28 aprile 2017 preso la Koc University Law School di Istanbul (Turchia). Un primo abstract di paper deve essere inviato entro il 31 dicembre p.v. all'indirizzo di posta elettronica 

Per ulteriori informazioni sui temi della call for papers e sui requisiti di partecipazione si rinvia al sito


Mercoledì 16, giovedì 17 e venerdì 18 novembre si svolge a Montevideo (Uruguay) a cura della International Academy of Comparative Law un congresso tematico di diritto comparato sul tema Enforcement and Effectiveness of the Law. Ulteriori informazioni sui temi della conferenza e modalità di registrazione in

Giovedì 24 novembre ore 14:30 presso il Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza dell'Università di Roma Tre si svolge il convegno sul tema Mercati terrioriali, geoblocking ed economia digitale. La locandina del convegno è pubblicata in

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Pólemos: Journal of Law, Literature and Culture — 10th ANNIVERSARY!!!



The international research field of "Law and Literature" has been widely expanding during the past years. It has by now moved on to many innovative topics, combining questions of legislature and jurisdiction with other fields of studies, such as "Law and Religion", "Law and the Image", "Law and Power", "Law and Equity", etc. The journal Pólemos was founded in 2007 at the very beginning of this development. Originally started as an Italian journal, Pólemos is now being re-launched with De Gruyter as an international journal with contributions in English that cover the whole area of emerging topics in Law, Literature and Culture
The aim of Pólemos is to call attention to the developments in international scholarship dealing with interdisciplinary "Law and ..." topics and to act as a sounding board for innovative critical ideas, connecting all scholars working within the field of law and humanities.

giovedì 3 novembre 2016

NEW BOOK!!! — Fables of the Law: Fairy Tales in a Legal Context (De Gruyter)

Fables of the Law

Fairy Tales in a Legal Context

Ed. by Carpi, Daniela / Leiboff, Marett

eBook (PDF)
Publication Date: 
October 2016

Aims and Scope

The latest development concerning the metaphorical use of the fairy tale is the legal perspective. The law had and has recourse to fairy tales in order to speak of the nomos and its subversion, of the politically correct and of the various means that have been used to enforce the law. Fairy tales are a fundamental tool to examine legal procedures and structures in their many failings and errors. Therefore, we have privileged the term "fables" of the law just to stress the ethical perspective: they are moral parables that often speak of justice miscarried and justice sought.
Law and jurists are creators of "fables" on the view that law is born out of the facts (ex facto ius oritur) so that there is a need for narrative coherence both on the level of the case and the level of legislation (or turned the other way around: what does it mean if no such coherence is found?). This is especially of interest given the influx of all kinds of new technologies that are "fabulous" in themselves and hard to incorporate in traditional doctrinal schemes and thus in the construction of a new reality.
Table of contents

mercoledì 2 novembre 2016

AIDEL Annual Conference: “As You Law It. Negotiating Shakespeare” — 9-10-11 November 2016, Museo di Storia Naturale, Verona.

In order to celebrate the 400th year of Shakespeare’s death

the Association AIDEL,

the Department of Foreign Literatures and Languages
and the Department of Law  of the University of Verona 
will jointly organize a three-days conference on 

Shakespeare and the Law: “As You Law It. Negotiating Shakespeare”

9-10-11 November 2016, Museo di Storia Naturale, Verona.

To see the program, click here.

mercoledì 26 ottobre 2016

Conference: Enrico Letta at Conseil d’État — 9 november 2016

Cycle 2015-2016 : Droit comparé 
et territorialité du droit
11è Conférence

La souveraineté en questions
Mercredi 9 novembre 2016, (17h30* – 19h30)
Conseil d’État, salle d’Assemblée générale*, Place du Palais-Royal, Paris 1er.

Cycle organisé par la section du contentieux et la section du rapport et des études
du Conseil d’État, en association avec la Société de législation comparée
et l’Institut français des sciences administratives

Raphaël Hadas-Lebel, président de section (h) au Conseil d'État, animera cette conférence.
Interviendront sur le sujet :
Denys de Béchillonprofesseur de droit public à l’université de Pau et des pays de l’Adour
Enrico Lettadoyen de l’école des affaires internationales de Sciences Po, ancien président du Conseil des ministres italien
Michael Tugendhatancien juge à la Haute Cour d'Angleterre et du Pays de Galles
 Retrouvez ces informations dans le document ci-joint
Pour vous inscrire (dans la limite des places disponibles), merci d’envoyer vos nom, fonctions et coordonnées par courriel à l’adresse :
* Accueil prévu à 17h – La conférence sera retransmise sur écran dans une salle attenante à celle d’Assemblée générale.
Si vous souhaitez ne plus recevoir d'informations sur les colloques du Conseil d'État, merci de nous le signaler à l'adresse ci-dessus.

14th ASLI Conference 2017 - Call for Paper is now Open!


We are pleased to announce that the Asian Law Institute (ASLI) and University of Philippines, College of Law (UP) will hold the 14th ASLI Conference in Manila, Philippines on 18 and 19 May 2017. We look forward to welcoming you, and value your contribution to the ongoing success of this annual conference.

The 14th ASLI Conference 2016
Dear Colleagues,
It is my pleasure to post this Call for Papers for the 14th ASLI (Asian Law Institute) Conference, hosted by the College of Law of the University of the Philippines and to be held at Novotel Manila, Araneta Center, Quezon City, Philippines from 18 to 19 May 2017.
The 14th ASLI Conference will bring together academics and professionals from Asia and the world, to exchange knowledge related to the theme “A Uniting Force? – ‘Asian Values’ and the Law.”
The passing of Singaporean leader Lee Kuan Yew, not so long ago, has inevitably rekindled in many minds his enduring contribution to political thought: the concept of “Asian values.” According to him, Asian nations have a distinct social and political ethics that places greater value on the collective and on social order, compared to other value systems that prioritize individual liberties. While easily brushed away by critics as a mere attempt to justify authoritarianism, Lee Kuan Yew’s idea has sparked considerable attention, especially among those who see it as a possible point of unification for Asian countries. Singapore’s success as a viable State presents a strong case for its neighbors. Are there Asian values and are they a uniting force?
This conference will be held for the first time in the Philippines and will be hosted by the University of the Philippines College of Law. I encourage academics and professionals to contribute to the discussion by looking at the law — where the presence of such an ethical system might be confirmed. As an exercise in comparative law, the Conference will look at the legal and institutional arrangements or systems of key Asian countries to see if patterns of similarity exist. More importantly, if similarity does exist, we will inquire into whether such institutions are indeed manifestations of a distinct cultural tendency, independent of the personal motives of the leaders who may have fostered them. We hope the answers may yield valuable contributions to public policy and legal theory.
Thank you and we hope to receive the abstracts of your proposed paper by 1 December 2016
Please visit our conference web site at  for selection criteria, guidelines for abstract or paper submissions and other related conference information.
Yours sincerely,
Danilo L. Concepcion
University of Philippines
College of Law
Associate Professor Gary F Bell
Asian Law Institute
Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
Submissions of individual papers & panels
Click here for online submission of individual abstracts.
Click here for online submission of panels.
Downloadable copies of the forms are also available on the conference website.
The website, which will be updated periodically with the latest information on tentative panel sessions and programme schedule, also contains information on recommended conference hotels. 
We regret that no subsidies are available for expenditures such as air flights, hotel charges and conference fees. A detailed and finalized programme (speaker panels, etc.) will be made available to all registered participants nearer the date of the conference.
We would very much appreciate your help in bringing this conference to the attention of your faculty/law school colleagues, as well as to anyone whom you think might be interested in attending, whether as a paper presenter or otherwise.
For enquiries regarding the conference, please contact the ASLI Secretariat at 
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in Manila in May 2017.
Yours sincerely
Danilo L. Concepcion
University of Philippines
College of Law
Associate Professor Gary F Bell
Asian Law Institute
Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
Important Deadlines

Submission of Abstract
1 December 2016
Participants will be notified in late February on the status of their submission.
Deadline for Early Bird Registration and Payment
10 March 2017
Submission of Completed Paper
27 March 2017
Closing date for Registration and Payment
10 April 2017
19 & 20 May 2017, Thursday & Friday

giovedì 20 ottobre 2016

P. LEGRAND – "(Foreign) Law as Self-Fashioning" ::: SciencesPo, November 18th, 2016, 16.30–19.00

!!! Giornata di Studi in Onore di GEOFFREY SAMUEL — (P.G. MONATERI, P. LEGRAND, F. OST, H. MUIR-WATT) !!!

Giornata di Studi in Onore di
Geoffrey Samuel

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Reid Hall
Salle des Conférences
4 rue de Chevreuse
75006 Paris


Welcome Address
Simone Glanert, University of Kent

(Ré)-apprendre à penser le droit à partir du cas
François Ost, Université Saint-Louis

 (Foreign) Law As Self-Fashioning
Pierre Legrand, Sorbonne


Dominus Mundi: The Political Sublime and the Western Legal Tradition
Pier G. Monateri, Università di Torino

Theorising Legal Reasoning in Comparative History: The Place of Imagination
Maksymillian Del Mar, Queen Mary


Consequences in French and English Judicial Reasoning
John Bell, University of Cambridge

The Swiss Federal Court and Its Pragmatic Pluralist Methodology
Franz Werro, Université de Fribourg & Georgetown University Law Center

Interpretation in Multilingual States: Utopia or Columbus Egg?
Pascal Pichonnaz, Université de Fribourg


Patterns of Migration (from Civilian to Common Law) at the Limits of Property
Anne Bottomley, University of Kent

On Legal Forms of Intolerance (and How They Travel)
Horatia Muir Watt, Science Po Paris

Concluding Response
Geoffrey Samuel, University of Kent



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