lunedì 21 dicembre 2015

!!! The Italian Legal System An Introduction, Second Edition - MICHAEL A. LIVINGSTON, PIER GIUSEPPE MONTANERI, AND FRANCESCO PARISI !!!


For fifty years, the first edition of The Italian Legal System has been the gold standard among English-language works on the Italian legal system. The book's original authors, Mauro Cappelletti, John Henry Merryman, and Joseph M. Perillo, provided not only an overview of Italian law, but a definition of the field, together with an important contribution to the general literature on comparative law. The book explains the unique "Italian style" in doctrine, law, and interpretation and includes an extremely well-written introduction to Italian legal history, government, the legal profession, and civil procedure and evidence.

In this fully-updated and revised second edition, authors Michael A. Livingston, Pier Giuseppe Monateri, and Francesco Parisi describe the substantial changes in Italian law and society in the intervening five decades—including the creation and impact of the European Union, as well as important advances in comparative law methodology. The second edition poses timely, relevant questions of whether and to what extent the unique Italian style of law has survived the pressures of European unification, American influence, and the globalization of law and society in the intervening period. The Italian Legal System, Second Edition is an important and stimulating resource for those with specific interest in Italy and those with a more general interest in comparative law and the globalization process.

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martedì 15 dicembre 2015

Alla comunità dei comparatisti - Scomparsa del prof. Pizzorusso

E’ scomparso il professor
Alessandro Pizzorusso

Oggi 14 gennaio è scomparso, all’età di 84 anni, il prof. Alessandro Pizzorusso emerito di diritto costituzionale nell’Università di Pisa.
La comunità dei comparatisti piange un rigoroso studioso delle forme costituzionali e dei sistemi giuridici comparati, Presidente dell’AIDC dal 1990 al 1995.
Una prima cerimonia laica di commemorazione si terrà martedì 15 dicembre, alle ore 14, a Pisa, in via Bargagna  presso la Pubblica Assistenza.


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