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Call for Papers at McGill on International and Domestic Law

Dean Maxwell and Isle Cohen Doctoral Seminar in International Law

“Implementing International Law in the Domestic Legal Order”

Monday, 28 June, 2010

The Hans & Tamar Oppenheimer Chair in Public International Law and the Faculty of Law, McGill University, together with the Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism and the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law, are pleased to announce the first Dean Maxwell and Isle Cohen Doctoral Seminar in International Law to take place on Monday 28 June 2010, at the Faculty of Law of McGill University, in Montreal.

The Dean Maxwell and Isle Cohen Doctoral Seminar in International Law offers twelve doctoral and post-doctoral researchers with a keen interest in international law, the opportunity to present and discuss their research ideas with fellow researchers and professors from the Faculty.

The aim of the first seminar is to advance the understanding of theoretical and practical dimensions of the interaction between international treaty law, international customary law and other international obligations with the domestic legal order, with due regard to the constitutional setting in federal and unitary states.

To address these issues, the first Dean Maxwell and Isle Cohen Doctoral Seminar in International Law will encourage a comprehensive discussion of the issue of the domestic implementation of international law, and will welcome papers covering diverse topics exploring the nexus between international law and domestic law, in any relevant field of law (from trade law to criminal law through the law of the sea or labour law, to take only a few examples), such as:
·      Substantive consistency between international law and domestic law,
·      Political authority and domestic legal status:  the idea of a constitutional dialogue,
·      Judges as norm entrepreneurs,
·      Domestic foundation of a global legal order,
·      Private actors as subjects of international law.

The twelve participants selected will be expected to prepare in advance a paper in pre-publication work-in-progress form. Participants may also prepare a PowerPoint presentation and/or a hand-out to be distributed to other participants. All the papers (with the PowerPoint presentations and/or hand-outs, where applicable) will be posted on the website of the Oppenheimer Chair, in a specific working papers series.
The Oppenheimer Chair will pay for the accommodation of the selected participants on 24 and 25 June 2010. Transportation will be the responsibility of the participants.


Doctoral and post-doctoral researchers wishing to participate in the conference must electronically submit an abstract, by January 15, 2010, to Professor François Crépeau at:
Abstract submissions MUST include the following:
1.         Name and contact details of the presenter,
2.         Title of the presentation,
3.         Abstract of the presentation (600 words),
4.         A short biographical profile of the presenter for dissemination (not more than 5 lines).
5.         A one-page bio of the presenter

The papers must be sent for posting on the website on 20 June 2010 at the latest.

For information, please contact Professor Crépeau, or visit:
AIDC WebSite Comparative Law News


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