lunedì 7 dicembre 2009

From Civil to Human Rights un libro di Helle Porsdam

Helle Porsdam,  a member of AIDEL, in comparing Europe and the USA, from the standpoint of Law & Humanities,  focuses on the following:

"Europeans have attempted for some time to develop a human rights talk and now European intellectuals are talking about the need to construct 'European narratives'. This book illustrates that these narratives will emphasize a political and cultural vision for a multi-ethnic and more cosmopolitan Europe. The narratives evolve around human rights, partly in hope that they might function as a cultural glue in an increasingly multi-ethnic Europe, and partly because they are intimately connected with that part of enlightenment thinking that sought to promote democracy and the rule of law. Helle Porsdam discusses the development of human rights as a discourse of atonement for Europeans - a discourse which has the potential to become a shared, transatlantic discourse. Using an interdisciplinary approach, this book will be an invaluable research tool for postgraduate students and scholars within the fields of law, history, political science and international relations."
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