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Dopo il successo di Macerata l’Associazione Italiana di Diritto Comparato organizza un secondo Incontro a Catania e Enna, il 28-29 maggio 2010 dedicato ai giovani comparatisti sulla base di un Call for Papers.

L’iniziativa sostenuta con entusiasmo dai nostri stessi più giovani associati è stata promossa da Biagio Andò e Fausto Caggia, che ringraziamo di cuore: troverete ogni ulteriore notizia, il testo del Call, i requisiti per partecipare, e il formato dei file nella sezione dei Giovani Comparatisti del sito dell’AIDC, cui potete anche scrivere direttamente.
Per il formato del file e le scadenze cliccate QUI e da quella pagina scaricate il pdf relativo.

Naturalmente il forum è aperto a tutti i giovani studiosi siano o meno soci dell’AIDC.

AIDC has established a tradition for Junior Faculty Forum started 2 years ago at Macerata, whose success fueled for a 2nd Meeting to be held at Catania and Enna on 28-29 May, 2010.

We wish to thank Biagio Andò and Fausto Caggia who promoted the Forum, 
and prof. Di Chiara and prof. Vecchio who will host the meeting.

We also wish to thank Dean Miranda and prof. Ferrari who will represent our Association in the Organizing Committee, and prof. Duncan Fairgrieve who accepted to deliver a Key-note speech during the meeting.

The idea behind this is to stimulate exchange of ideas and research, among younger scholars in the academy; and to encourage younger scholars in their work.
The papers at the 2008 Forum were on a very wide range of subjects, and this is a welcome fact, as they must mirror all the interests and present researches of participants. Also at the upcoming 2010 Forum papers may be on any legally relevant subject.

The papers can make use of any relevant approach; they can be quantitative or qualitative, formal, sociological, anthropological, historical, or economic.

The first step in applying is to submit an abstract of the proposed paper. We would like these to be no more than 2 pages. Tell us what you plan to do; lay out the major argument of the paper, say something about the methodology, and what you think will be the paperʹs contribution to scholarship.

An international committee of legal scholars, chaired by prof. Pardolesi of Luiss University in Rome, will act as referee to select the papers, according to all major International standards.

You find any further information at the page of younger scholars in Comparative Law
Where you may download the Call (in italian) with the requirements for files, and the mail address.
AIDC WebSite Comparative Law News


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