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October 2018 - CTLS Monthly Newsletter

CTLS Bulletin :: Issue 43 :: October 2018
Fall Semester News 

We hope you have all settled into our new space well. While things are less hectic with the move, this October is sure to be an eventful one. 

The Fall Semester continues, with both classes and the Colloquium series well underway. In this issue we will talk about the Transnational Litigation class trip to the UK Supreme Court, the first in our Career Talk series and the exciting events that are upcoming this month, including our second Lecture in Transnational Justice.

Yours in transnational legal education,
Carlos M. Vázquez & Miri Gur-Arye
Academic Co-Directors 2018-2019

Lecture in Transnational Justice

We are excited to announce, Professor Neal Katyal will be joining us for our second Lecture in Transnational Justice on Wednesday 10th October to discuss ‘Balancing the Rule of Law and National Security.’ Professor Katyal is a partner at the firm Hogan Lovells and Paul and Patricia Saunders professor of law at Georgetown University, and is one of the youngest professors to receive tenure and chaired professorship at Georgetown University Law Center.

The lecture will take place in The Great Hall at King’s College London and will be followed by a wine, soft drinks and nibbles reception. You can reserve a place and find out more information about the event on Eventbrite. There are limited spaces so make sure you register ASAP!  
Coming Up in October 

Career Talk
Our students will have the opportunity to meet the Ambassador of Switzerland to the UK, Alexandre Fasel as he joins us to for a career talk. Mr Fasel took up his duties as Ambassador of Switzerland last September.  He specialised in European and International Law and was a Junior Fellow of the Swiss National Science Foundation at Oxford University.

Movie Night
This month's movie is Crude (2009), Dir. Joe Berlinger. Crude is a documentary that focuses on the oil industry and its impact in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Berlinger takes us through the one of the world's largest oil-related environmental lawsuit, which he happens to find himself in the middle of.



Mid-Semester Pub Night
We're already almost half way through the semester! Current Students will be invited for a celebratory drink, keep an eye out for more information.

Guided Tour of the UK Supreme Court

Last month, students from the European Civil Procedure and Transnational Litigation courses received a guided tour of the UK Supreme Court. Students learnt about the story of The Supreme Court and the important role it has for the last 600 years, and will continue to have, in the development of UK law. They were also able to explore all three court rooms and the exclusive Justices’ Library (as seen in pictures below), which is usually closed to the public.
The guided tour provided students with an insight into all aspects of the Court, from the history and importance of the artwork in the Court, to listening to examples of cases that have been heard by the Court.

We have had wonderful, positive reviews from both students and faculty about this visit and look forward to sharing more stories like this.

Career Talk
Grace Cheng and Lauren Suding, Field Court Chambers

In late September, we were very pleased to welcome Grace Cheng and Lauren Suding from Field Court Chambers in London, to speak to students about their work as barristers. Students enjoyed an informal talk and Q&A sessions with our guests over some refreshments during Afternoon Tea.

Transnational Law Colloquium

The Colloquium series continued with an engaging discussion led by Eirik Bjorge (University of Bristol) on The Protection of Legitimate Expectations in International Law. This was followed by CTLS Professor Ann O'Connell (University of Melbourne), who gave a thought-provoking talk about Women in Tax.


Just last week we welcomed Professor Marko Milanovic (University of Nottingham) to discuss Courting Failure: When are International Criminal Courts Likely to be Believed by Local Audiences?. For more information about the Transnational Law Colloquium topics please take a look at the schedule.

News from the Network

In this section we keep you updated about the latest in the CTLS network.

Please let us know of any news about a CTLS partner school or alumnus, as we would be happy to feature it in a future issue. Email with your news and we will be sure to follow up. In the meantime, keep in touch on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. We look forward to hearing from you!
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