giovedì 23 giugno 2011

T. Bingham, LIVES OF THE LAW - Forthcoming

Lives of the Law. Selected Essays and Speeches: 2000-2010
September 2011 (estimated) - 440 pages

From Oxford University Press website:


Jeffrey Jowell: Foreword
I. The Constitution and the Rule of Law
Looking Backward
1: Magna Carta
2: The Alabama Claims and the International Rule of Law
3: Dicey Revisited
4: The Evolving Constitution
5: The Old Order Changeth
Looking Forward
6: A Written Constitution?
7: The Future of the House of Lords
II. The Business of Judging
8: The Judges: Active or Passive?
9: Government and Judges: Friends or Enemies?
10: The Highest Court in the Land
III. Human Rights and Human Wrongs
11: The Human Rights Act: The View from the Bench
12: Personal Freedom and the Dilemma of Democracies
13: Habeas Corpus
14: 'The Law Favours Liberty': Slavery and the English Common Law
15: I Beg Your Pardon
IV. The Common Law
16: From Servant to Employee: A Study of the Common Law in Action
17: A Duty of Care: The Uses of Tort
18: The Law as the Handmaiden of Commerce
19: A New Thing under the Sun?: The Interpretation of Contracts and the ICS Decision
20: The Internationalization of the Common Law
V. Lives of the Law
21: Dr Johnson and the Law
22: Mr Bentham is Present


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