martedì 24 marzo 2015

New issue of the German Law Journal!

 New issue of the German Law Journal
- the first to appear in 2015.

Throughout the Journal's sixteen years, time and again, we have delivered on our broad mandate:  "Review of Developments in German, European and International Jurisprudence."  But we have seldom be so comprehensive in a single issue.  Here we present you with excellent scholarship from each of those fields.

And we continue our tradition of timely and thoghtful commentary on the most important recent developments with a remarkable "special section" on the CJEU's controversial Opinion 2/13.

It is another excellent issue.  We hope it makes a contribution to your engagement with the diverese issues covered.  We also hope it inspires you to contribute your work to the GLJ for publication.  We understand very well that the Journal's first purpose is to provide an effective and dynamic platform for the work of scholars.  For that reason, the GLJ is - and always has been - an online/open-access scholarly forum.  Your articles, commentary, notes and reviews will benefit from exposure to the Journal's large readership (each published text receives an average of 500 views in the first month of publication) and the Journla's established reputation (it is placed #1 and #2 in the relevant impact-factor rankings).

There are other profound services the GLJ offers it authors.  The peer-review board often offers thoughful feeback.  And the student editors invest themselves in each accepted text, offering native-language style edits, formatting the content for publicaiton, and aligning the citations with the Journal's style-guide.  The student editors' contribution to this important project is especially on my mind as we publish this issue because it is the time of year when the current team, in preparation for graduation in a few weeks, hands it responsibilities to a new group of editors.  I want to take this opportunity - on behalf of the all those connected with the Journal (editors and authors and readers) - to thank them for their dedication and committment.  This is particularly true of the outgoing chief editor of the student team, Brenna Duncan.  Working from here in the Virginia countryside, Brenna and the other W&L students are an absolutely esstential and tireless, but too-often unremarked, part of the the Journal's success.  For all of that - I hope you'll join me in thanking them.


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