giovedì 24 novembre 2016

German Law Journal - November Issue

Issue No. 6 - Volume 17 (2016)

"Constitutional Dimensions of the Refugee Crisis" 

The German Law Journal is pleased to announce the publication of the November issue “Constitutional Dimensions of the Refugee Crisis."

These are tumultuous times. That only makes reasoned and reasonable debate more necessary than ever. This is especially true of the question of migration, which seems to be the flashpoint of our new malaise. President-elect Trump has his “big, beautiful wall.” Presidential candidate Le Pen has the provocation that “they are trying to replace us.” Party Chairwoman Petry has her “colorful compost heap.” Questions about migration and integration will drive the political discourse long after all the votes are counted and the public offices have been distributed.

In this climate the German Law Journal is proud to offer this special issue. The collection—assembled by GLJ board members Jürgen Bast and Matthias Goldmann—tackles the topic head-on and from a rich variety of perspectives, including the diverse systems under consideration and the varying ideological approaches the contributors take to this contentious issue.

This special issue also concludes the Journal’s German Law in Context Program, which has examined Europe’s refugee crisis in a series lectures, discussions, and film-screenings across the last months. As part of that program, and to expand the discussion connected with this excellent collection of articles, several of the contributors will participate in a panel discussion at 12.00 (EST) on Monday, 28 November 2016. Please join the conversation:

Special issues, like those we have published in 2016 (Corrupt Practices; Brexit Supplement; Democracy and the Financial Order), are a central part of the Journal’s coverage of “developments in German, European, and International jurisprudence.” Looking ahead to Volume 18, we are thrilled to have a number of excellent special issues planned, including “Persons/Things” (from guest editor Toni Selkälä) and “Immigration, Citizenship, and Constitutional Identity” (from guest editors Jürgen Bast and Liav Orgad). And we announce today a call for proposals for special issues that will appear in Volume 19 (2018).

As we head into the distracting and sometimes overly-demanding winter season, we wish our faithful contributors and readers peace, and the comfort that comes from the confidence that our communities are animated by a commitment to justice, tolerance, and empathy. And, as always, we wish you “happy reading.”


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