giovedì 19 febbraio 2015

!!! Latest book by Günter Frankenberg - Political Technology And The Erosion Of The Rule Of Law Normalizing the State of Exception!!!

Finally, the latest book by distinguished scholar Günter Frankenberg: a unique account of the contemporary major themes in public theory of law. Simply: what we all have been waiting for years.

This timely volume offers a sophisticated analysis and sharp critique of the reactions of nations such as the US, Great Britain and Germany to perceived terrorist threats, organized crime actions and other political emergencies that have occurred in recent years. A new colossal study in comparative law, with an astonishing command of the history of political theory from Hobbes to the present.

Totally new perspectives are now discovered as this book develops and implements a unique theoretical and conceptual framework for understanding the rise of technical-political rationality and the fall of the rule of law, and submits both to a firm critique.

Link: E-Elgar; Amazon


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