martedì 1 aprile 2014

Comparative Law and International Governance: Where are they Going ?

A New Serie of Scholarly Activities promoted at the University of Ferrara by Claudia Amodio and Alessandro Somma.

From Dominique Favard-Causson, President of Société de Législation Comparé,

to P.G.Monateri, Past President of Italian Association of Comparative Law, Chief editor of the Comparative Law Review, 

to many others 

will discuss the major topics of to-day comparative legal analysis, in the perspective of a world governance built from the ground of the most intriguing theories and new paradigms actually superseding any past approach to the disciplline, in a clash of ideas thought to deepen the consciousness of the multifarious projects underlying the mere academic discipline of legal comparison, 

providing an intellectual basis for governance or subversion of the given-for-granted actual status quo.

See below the various scheduled meetings...


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