lunedì 7 febbraio 2011

XXV. World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy FRANKFURT AM MAIN, 15-20 AUGUST 2001

After a first experience in Beijing (IVR XXIV – September 15-20, 2009 Beijing, China), and the successful second edition in Rotterdam (JURIX-09 – Rotterdam – November 16-18, The Netherlands) we are now announcing the third edition of AICOL (AI Approaches to the Complexity of Legal Systems) as a thematic workshop of the IVR XXV Frankfurt am Main, 15-20 August 2011.
The previous two editions, as the forthcoming ones, are conceived as a meeting point for diverse researchers (legal theorists, political scientists, linguists, logicians, and computational and cognitive scientists) eager to discuss and share their findings and proposals. In this sense, complexity and complex systems sum up the perspective chosen to describe recent developments in AI and law, legal theory, argumentation, the semantic web, and multi-agent systems.
This work has produced significant outcomes collected in the following publication, edited by Springer – LNAI:
The inspiring idea of AICOL is to further develop models of legal knowledge, concerning its organization, structure and content, in order to promote mutual understanding and communication between different legal systems and cultures. By achieving more precise models of legal concepts – from multilingual dictionaries to taxonomies and legal ontologies, namely formal models of legal conceptualization – we enhance our comprehension of legal cultures, of their commonalities and differences. Moreover, in this way we profit increasingly from computer support in managing legal knowledge, drawing on convergences and bridging differences for deeper understanding.


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